Commercial Resource Installation

Home Markets:
Houston, San Antonio
Operating Area:
Texas Gulf Coast, Louisiana, Central and West Texas


  • Office services
  • Office furniture installation
  • Reconfiguration
  • Storage and inventory services
  • Moveable wall installation
  • Raised flooring installation
  • Project management
  • Refurbishing
  • Repair and Maintenance

CRI has been an active provider of installation and logistical services for Texas Gulf Coast facilities since 1992. Our project history spans a wide range of fields and industries as well as organization sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Clients and their designers and architects learn they can rely on CRI to go the extra mile and to remain on the job site until the parties involved are all smiles about the outcome. We are dedicated to serving our client dealers and manufacturers with high-quality results. Our employees are known and appreciated for being sensitive to the needs and issues of end users and proficiently addressing them.

Our use of information technology that helps CRI be more responsive and cost-effective is an important differentiator for CRI. The Teletrac devices aboard our vehicles are one example of this. They save time and prevent delays by identifying optimally efficient routes. They improve our responsiveness by enabling instant communication about project and job site conditions. And they promote safety by enabling the monitoring of driver behavior.

Other examples are the smartphones and tablets used by our field and warehouse teams. Along with their normal on-board functions for email, messaging, photography and video, the devices are equipped with apps and data links that are integrated with our clients’ custom business systems and databases for seamless and timely exchange of project information.

CRI provides up-to-date training and coaching to help ensure that our service teams are second to none in the industry. Another vital element in our success is a culture that attracts people who take pride in their work, work well together, and find personal satisfaction and happiness in serving others. Our ability — and good fortune — to attract and retain great people is key to CRI’s many long-term client relationships.

Special Features of Our Service

  • Our project managers, installation managers and field teams are experienced in virtually all lines from major manufacturers. If we lack product knowledge—especially when new or first-in-market products are involved—we will send our team leaders for training as needed.
  • CRI has a solid reputation as being a valuable industry partner that can marshal a wide range of top-notch resources to satisfy our clients’ needs.
  • Our in-house refinishing and cleaning services allow CRI to go the extra mile without burdening the client with the sourcing, contracting, and management of additional vendors.