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Wide-Ranging Installation Solutions

While systems furniture warehouse, delivery and installation services are the members’ core offering, FSN also represents a wealth of expertise in movable walls, acoustic solutions, millwork and much more.

Experienced Specialty Contractors

FSN membership is a mark of industry leadership in product knowledge, planning, logistics, project management, and workmanship for commercial, institutional and specialty interiors.

Trusted Installation Partners

Our professionalism and commitment to unparalleled customer experience are two big reasons why dealers, designers, manufacturers, GCs, and facility managers partner with FSN member companies.


Where Do We Operate?

FSN providers can be found in the United States, Canada and Australia. In addition to serving our local and regional markets, we have successfully joined forces to execute multi-location projects and support customers’ national and multi-region programs. Consistently high levels of performance and customer service are hallmarks of our work, whether performing individually or collectively.

Why Work With an FSN Company?

FSN member companies provide a wide range of industry-leading furniture and
facility solutions which allows them to manage client furniture installation needs. By working together FSN members, through their collective capacity, they have the ability to work on large, multi-territory jobs.

Deep product knowledge covering a wide variety of types, brands and lines
Expert planning, project management, and field supervision
Continuous focus on process and technology initiatives aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing costs
Constant attention to enhancing the customer experience
Periodic benchmarking with fellow FSN members to identify opportunities for operational and financial improvement
Continually expanded skill sets and knowledge by virtue of participation in the Solomon Coyle peer group program
Ability to develop and deliver multi-region and national solutions through collaboration with fellow FSN members

Recent Projects by FSN Member Companies

Visit our member profiles to see more representative projects.

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