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Operational Status of Commercial Furniture Installers Facing Extreme Cold

This post reports weather-related information, current as of 9:45 AM EST, for the benefit of organizations doing business with FSN member companies based in areas of the United States hit by extreme cold. All operations are up and running. A common theme is delays or possible delays of inbound product deliveries due to regional weather and highway conditions. Here’s a region-by-region breakdown: In the Midwest Rick Kelly at Multi Systems Installation (MSI) reports that Kansas City is at -12℉. MSI’s trucks are on the road and scheduled crews are at their job sites. Trucks carrying product scheduled for inbound receiving are either late or postponed. Aubrey Kimberling reports from St. Louis that Professional Installers is running full crews despite a temperature of -8℉, wind chills at -30℉ and the 12 inches of snow that fell yesterday. They anticipate possible delays with the deliveries of inbound product. Three trailer loads are scheduled for receiving at three job ...