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McIntyre Ready for Action As the Floodwaters in Calgary Recede

McIntyre Group’s field operations in Alberta province are still on hold due to severe, widespread flooding that resulted from the sudden cresting of the Bow and Elbow rivers last week. Some of the businesses occupying buildings in Calgary’s downtown core were getting their first opportunity today to inspect workplaces for damage and formulate recovery plans. Others will not gain entry to their buildings until later in the week. Photo gallery above:Nine volunteers from the McIntyre Calgary staff worked with civilian and uniformed members of the Calgary City Police in what became an exhausting 9-hour effort to save archival material from destruction at a flood-stricken downtown location. We hope to be able to provide detailed reporting of the combined teams’ work in the future. The few photos available to us now begin to tell the story. Click the photo above to view additional images. “It’s impossible to say at this point when we’ll be able to ...