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Demonstrating Values at the Heart of Its Success, Multi Systems Installation Turns 30

“If it wasn’t for the honesty and integrity of the guys you send us, this would not have happened! They could have very easily walked away with this ring and none of us would have known.” You don’t need to spend more than an hour or two on an MSI job site to realize that straightforward is an amazingly accurate way to describe the culture at the Kansas City region’s go-to company for commercial interior installation services. (They install and reconfigure systems and freestanding furniture, movable walls, custom millwork and more.) Straightforward. It’s how MSI people talk, how they approach their work, how they solve problems, how they run the company. And it’s at the heart of the business relationships that have made Multi Systems Installation an ongoing success now for 30 years. (The company was founded in 1984.) Back to the ring mentioned at the top of this post. It’s a man’s wedding band. Todd Irish, an MSI installer, ...