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Derailed Train Further Hampers McIntyre’s Calgary Team

Plans for making Thursday the McIntyre team’s first fully operational day since the floodwaters of the Bow and Elbow rivers devastated downtown Calgary last week were quickly dashed when the main McIntyre Group warehouse became landlocked due to emergency road closures in the pre-dawn hours. The partial collapse of the Bonnybrook Bridge over the Bow River in Calgary and the resulting derailment of at least one Canadian Pacific rail car carrying petroleum-based product at approximately 3:45 AM local time today led almost immediately to the closing of all roads within about a half mile radius of the bridge. Evacuation orders also went into effect. “We’re all relieved, of course, that the bridge failure and train derailment appear to be having only a passing impact on the general population,” Dean McIntyre said. “That being said, the inability to operate today was a big disappointment for our general manager, Jerry O’Brien, and his team. We want to ...