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The map below shows our bases of operation. Call any one of us to tap the group’s expertise. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and connect you with the member best positioned to serve you.

Work with the Best.
Work with FSN Member Companies.

When it’s your goal to be an industry leader, you want the best information, techniques and feedback you can find. That’s why we formed Facilities Services Network. Collectively focusing on best practices since the late 1990s, we work with and learn from the best in our own and related fields. Our group’s overarching goal is to consistently set new benchmarks for performance and value in the management, installation and care of contract furniture.

It’s also why we elected to become a Solomon Coyle peer group. We’ve been benefitting from Solomon Coyle's deep industry knowledge and expertise in peer group management—along with research, education and consulting—since 2014.

As partners in best-practice development, FSN member companies are expected to:

Continuously improve their operational and financial performance.
Actively participate in owners’ discussions and subject-matter forums.
Participate in research initiatives such as annual operational and financial benchmarking.
Conduct business with each other as peer professionals.

As participants in Solomon Coyle’s peer group program, FSN members are bound by the operating procedures and principles of ethical conduct that are in effect for all Solomon Coyle peer groups.

All FSN members have a voice in shaping the group’s goals, projects and meeting agendas. Leadership is a shared responsibility through rotating membership on the FSN Board of Advisors.

Markets We Serve

The maps below offer a rough idea of local and regional service coverage. There's a lot more information about each company—including the normal operating area—in the Member Profiles section. We can also point you to recommended installation service providers in locales not served through FSN.

Member Profiles

USA, Canada, and Australia Locations and Market Coverage


OPEN4 provides nationwide coverage in Australia and is available for projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


OPEN4 provides nationwide coverage in Australia and is available for projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
McIntyre Group provides nationwide coverage in Canada.

What Clients Have Said About Our FSN Partners

Brian Wren

Owner of Atlanta Business Products Inc.

I interviewed several companies in the Texas market for my client who had projects that needed installation services for their furniture needs. Turnkey's ability was by far and above my expectations and did everything they said would be done. I did not know anything about the FSN Network until after this.

Since then, I have used exclusively the FSN website to handle my installation needs. From California and San Antonio Tx to the Mid-West, Brownsworth as well as CIS. All of them exceeded my expectations.

As a furniture dealership, the most important part of a project is the installation. I try to be at most installations but FSN allows me to not have to travel as much. The amount of information provided to me for each installation was perfect as I was able to convey this info to my client to make sure it was a success for all.

Fabrication and Installation of Custom Wood Acoustical Trellis

Each month, we usefully close our projects. Here is a recent one.

Project Name: Fleetcarma
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Designer: McIntyre Group installation, DFY Interior Design
Materials: Custom wood trellis featuring ezoBord acoustic wrapping and ezoBord acoustic baffles
Date: 2019

McIntyre Group worked with DFY Design to develop a custom trellis featuring a wrapping of ezoBord acoustic material and ezoBord custom baffles.

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